Ski An’gel


A revolutionary friction reducing gel shin pad that prevents shin-bite & bruising caused by the skin rubbing against the boots inner lining.



Product Description

The action of skiing creates friction between the skin and padding of the tongue of the boot (shear force). SKI-AN’GEL® overcomes this by using a soft layered pad of slightly sticky gel which, when placed against the skin, effectively transfers friction to the outer surface of the pad giving you ultimate protection.

The Ski Angel pad of bonded gel when placed over the projecting tibial crest effectively removes the friction zone 2mm outwards and away from the skin surface. The new shear force area is now happening between the outer area of the Ski Angel and the boot.

Ski Angel composition allows for extremes of shear force with it’s unique elasticity. To better understand these unique characteristics simply grip the Ski Angel firmly between finger and thumb and rotate. The advantage and use of the product becomes clear with little further explanation necessary.